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Harper | Outer Banks Newborn Photographer

“We live in the world when we love it.”¬†-Rabindranath Tagore

A few weeks ago I posted a Wednesday Bump Day post of Kristen’s sweet belly bump. She’s now holding & cuddling with sweet Harper.
They came and met me in my Columbia studio for Harper’s newborn session.

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I’m now offering Facebook timeline covers. ūüôā If you would like one designed from your session images, please let me know!

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Walker | Pittsboro Newborn Photographer

¬†Walker’s Mommy and I went to elementary, middle, high school and college together. I love her dearly. I had the honor of photographing many milestones in her life like her engagement to Jason, their wedding, their sweet first born, Molly and now, Molly’s baby brother Walker!¬†Check out these sweet images of their newest addition!

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Wednesday Bump Day | Outer Banks Maternity Photographer

Kristen & I went to high school together and I was beyond excited when she asked me to photograph her adorable bump! Her & her husband live on the Outer Banks so she chose to have her portraits taken on the beach. I LOVED the dress she wore for her session. She was certainly glowing. Baby Harper will make her appearance soon. I can’t wait to meet her!

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What to Wear Wednesday | NC Family Portrait Photographer

Choosing clothing for a session can be a VERY stressful task!¬†Yes, its tempting to put everyone in the same identical shirts, but your photograph has so much more character if you don’t. Chose more of a color palette and dress everyone within the palette. This will give everyone their own unique outfit, yet everyone will still coordinate. Some of my favorite color palette’s are: brown/kacki/white/creams for a very natural look, grey/navy/pink, blue/orange, purple/orange, navy/green.

Want to go with a basic color scheme? Jeans, with mixes of white(s) and¬†tan(s) make for a very classic look that’s not too matchy!


Source: Photographic Designs Gallery


Source: Photography Designs Gallery

Still stuck on the “Can we just wear jeans and white shirts?” You can but please try and give your photos some character and mixing up¬†the basic white shirt¬†and jeans look that lots of other people do! Maybe even add an additional color that you could use to accent with necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or belts.


Source: Photographic Designs Gallery

Here are a few options that add a little color into your portraits:


Source: Cascio Photography


Source: Cascia Photography


Source: What to Wear Guide


Source: What to Wear Guide

There is a great article, “The Ultimate What to Wear Guide” on the Vend Raleigh site. Go check it out for more clothing tips!

Hope this helps some of your What to Wear Woes!